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If you could shoot the Genesis Device at the Death Star what do you think would happen?
My Biggest Influence
David Letterman
Dave is the one that a young 13 year old Peter found one night, all alone with his new color TV. It was there in the late night abyss I discovered the art of sarcasm from the master. Many a sleepless night I spent watching this off beat host. During the day I repeated his jokes and monologue to somewhat amused family and friends.
Favorite Personality
Howard Stern
More than just a "Shock Jock," Howard is a true innovator. Howard sets the bar, you either aspire to be better than Howard Stern, or you're not as good as Howard Stern. You show me a person in radio that doesn't respect Howard, and I'll show you a jealous no talent disc jockey that secretly wishes they were Howard.
Favorite Artist
Billy Joel
You can’t grow up on Long Island without LOVING Billy Joel.  His music is timeless and appeal spans generations, plus he’s had more than few hot wives.  I’ve been a mega fan since the early 80’s, in fact, the first albums (as in vinyl) I purchased with my own money were An Innocent Man along with Glass Houses.
Favorite Band
Being an avid Phil Collins fan (required 80's listening), I discovered this band back in high school. Their Invisible Touch tour was my second concert (Billy Joel being the first). Unlike the many artists I've seen over the years (life in radio), Genesis is one of the few I can still listen to today.
Favorite TV Show
30 Rock
It’s no surprise that I am a TV junkie.  I have always said, “anything I ever needed to learn I learned from TV.”   Every once in a while a show really shines.  That show for me, right now, is 30 Rock.
Favorite Captain
Jean Luc Picard
Make it so! Purists may call it blasphemy, but not even James T. Kirk could have handled the Borg like Locutus, “resistance is futile… number one.” ENGAGE!!!

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